We envision a world of creativity and innovation; in which scholarship enables every youth to reach his/her dreams and serve as a positive contributor to society by fulfilling their destiny.

Dream On Education is where education meets creativity and inspiration. We provide the best and brightest 6-8th graders in at-risk communities with all of our services – tutoring, mentoring, cultural exposure, and professional exposure.

To offer each of our students the most effective and personalized support system as well as stimulating and broadened horizons, we partner with some of  the best representatives from the academic, professional, and arts communities. Learn more here.

Youth from low-income environments have significantly lower academic performance, graduation rates, and earning potential than youth from families with higher income.

Dream On Education’s mission is to right this imbalance so that no child’s dream is neglected simply because of their socioeconomic status.

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Each member of our board is passionate about helping every child possible better their lives and ensure them a prosperous future. Learn more about our board here.

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